Shooting spooge on Italian soil

Staxus from-venice-with-lust-bannerEmo twinks Brad Fitt & Tim Walker sucking and fucking on Staxus

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: European

Actors: Brad Fitt & Tim Walker


Staxus has a new movie called “The Italian Job.” The idea behind it is simple yet ingenious; get a bunch of hot Emo twinks and twinks together in vacation villas in Italy and have them suck and fuck each other. This movie rocks and the locations and the guys are both gorgeous. Check out this video clip of Emo twinks Brad Fitt & Tim Walker’s hot scene together. Our two babes suck cock and lick balls in the 69 position and then Brad ends up fucking the hell out of Tim’s tight ass on the bench. Ah all my fantasies in one convenient package. Life is good.


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Emo twinks underneath the underwear

Staxus Robie-kasl-s-monster-uncut-dick-bannerTwinks Tim Walker & Robie Kasl sucking and fucking on Staxus

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: European

Actors: Tim Walker & Robie Kasl


There is something about Emo twinks in tight sexy underwear that just gets me hot and bothered. Knowing that their monster cocks are right there underneath the fabric waiting to be revealed, knowing that makes me hard as a rock. Obviously I am not the only one who feels that way about this issue since Staxus has provided us two hot Emo twinks – Tim Walker & Robie Kasl in tight sexy underwear. This scene is on the brand new Staxus movie “Super Size Me 3.” Both Tim & Robie get each other stiff in their underwear and then strip it all off for blowjobs and ass fucking. They end up wearing jizz in place of cotton briefs. That’s clothing fit for a king. Robie & Tim can be found at Staxus. The movie Super Size Me 3 is available to stream on Homoactive TV in regular and HD formats. And Robie & Tim’s underwear is available on Rampants. All you have to do is follow the links below.


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Staxus Robie-kasl-s-monster-uncut-dick-banner

Blonde Emo babe Tim Walker is getting massaged by two studs

Staxus spunky-massage-bannerTwinks Tim Walker, John Parker & Kevin Ateah in a hot threesome sucking and fucking

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: Threesome/European/Clean-cut  

Actors: Tim Walker, John Parker & Kevin Ateah


Just when you thought it was safe to pull up your pants and stop masturbating, Staxus comes right at us again with another amazing threesome with an Emo twink in it. This time it is the absolutely dishy Tim Walker paired up with twinks John Parker & Kevin Ateah. The theme of this shoot is totally believable as Tim gets a cock massage by John and Kevin. Hell I would do that and I would want that done to me. All cocks are greased and stroked here. Soon all asses are lubed and fucked as well. Tim licks Kevin’s asshole like it is a strawberry ice cream cone. Once the maximum wetness has been reached, Tim has Kevin humping cock while John sucks Kevin off. I only wish I could find a spa that would help me rub one out like that. Well at least I can rub one out at Staxus.


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Celebrity Emo twink News – Tim Walker gave Alexander Syden the fist

Fisted Staxus BannerEmo twinks Alexander Syden & Tim Walker fucking & sucking & rimming & fisting

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: Fisting/Euro 

Actors: Alexander Syden & Tim Walker


Well the tabloids are going to be buzzing about this and Gay-Emo-Gay is no exception. First of all current Gay-Emo-Gay header cover boy Alexander Syden has changed his hair color from skunk black to strawberry blond, this month of march has now officially become the month of the blond Emo twinks. Check out his before and after picture:

 Emo twink Alexander Syden strking a sexy poseEmo twink Alexander Syden

          Before                              After

But really set tongues a wagging is the fisting he received from blond bombshell Tim Walker. Alex and Tim started off doing a double cock handjob which then progressed to a sultry 69 cock and rim job with Alex licking Tim’s wonderful pink starburst with his studded tongue. The penultimate moment came when Tim dug his fist in deep into Alex’s ass. Oh my! What came next? I did

Links: or for direct download as part of the Staxus production entitled “More” which is also available on DVD.

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