Where do I find more of Emo twink Evan Hayes?

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The other day one of my jock friends said to me “you know, for an Emo twink you don’t look half bad.” I said to him “what is that supposed to mean?” He said that he had always thought of Emo twinks as being too skinny and gothy and short to be attractive. I said to him “well you just don’t know Emo twinks then! Take this tall, lean & lanky Emo twink stud Evan Hayes. He’s got looks, charm, personality, a tight ass, and a long cock with an exquisite set of balls swinging from it, which he shoots giant loads out of them!” My friend then exclaimed “damn, I never knew Emo twinks could be so hot. Where can I find more of Evan and others like him? I told him the same thing I am going to tell you; you will find them at Squirtz.com.

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