Emo twink Spunk Shooting Contest

Videoboys BannerVideoboys Annual Cum Shot Contest for 2013

Pornsite/Studio: VideoBoys

Genre of Emo twink porn: Cum Shot Contest

Actors: Luda Wayne, Simon Archer, & Seth Corrigan


VideoBoys has a time honored summer tradition of an annual cum shot contest to see who can shoot their jizz the farthest. Of course in the end we all cum away winners from this. This year’s VideoBoys Cum Shot Contest of 2013 features three hot Emo twinks in battle with each other:

  • Luda Wayne

  • Simon Archer

  • Seth Corrigan

The three babes strip all their clothes off and get busy jacking off. Once they are ready to orgasm, they step up to the table and let their jizz fly. Want to see who won? Then go check out the hot victory celebration at Videoboys.

Links: Videoboys.com

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