Emo twink Fuji at JapanBoyz saves my ass

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Pornsite/Studio: JapanBoyz

Genre of Emo twink porn: Japanese 

Actors: Fuji


I arrive at Narita International Airport in Tokyo at 3:30 in the afternoon. Walking up to immigration I present my passport to the immigration official. “What is the purpose of your visit to Japan Mr. Corbin? Business or Pleasure?” “Pleasure” I respond while beads of sweat trickle down my forehead. “What kind of pleasure?” he asks me. “I am looking for Japanese Emo twinks to fuck.” I say nervously. He stands up immediately and says coldly “Please come with me sir.” Him and two other officers take me to a holding room and then he yells at me “you are a fool! If you wanted to jack off to Emo twinks, then you should have gone to Japan Boyz online. Look at the this porn shoot they did with Emo twink Fuji.” He then shows me the most gorgeous Japanese Emo twink I have ever seen. His lovely black hair and piercing black eyes look right into my soul. His large cock dazzles me as he massages it to a climax that spills forth from his penis-head like a volcano. The immigration officer continues to bark at me.“Stupid foreigner! You waste all that money on a plane ticket to Japan when you could have stayed at home and jacked off to all the Japanese Emo twinks in the world at Japan Boyz. And if you wanted more, it is was right there for you at your own website in your own Emo theater! Look! You have these hot scenes from the JapanBoyz studio” He then showed me a list of the following scenes

  • Mitsuru fucks Koji

  • Kiss Japan

  • Fundoshi Power

  • Electric City Boy

  • Banana Fuck Boy

“Now get out of my sight round eye before I beat you off!” I hurried out of the airport in the cool autumn night and caught a taxi to the closest Internet cafe to check all that out.

Links: JapanBoyz.com

Mitsuru fucks Koji Movie Cover

Mitsuru fucks Koji 

Kiss Japan Movie Cover

Kiss Japan

Fundoshi Power Movie Cover

Fundoshi Power

Electric City Boy Movie Cover

Electric City Boy

Banana Fuck Boy Movie Cover

Banana Fuck Boy

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Land of the Rising Emo Twink

japanboyz_kaorukun_fantasy bannerEmo twinks on Japanboyz jacking off and fucking

Pornsite/Studio: Japanboyz

Genre of Emo twink porn: Japanese

Actors: Kaorukun & others


I travel to Japan a lot on business and one thing I can tell you is that there is all kinds of hot Japanese Emo twink guys there. For a long time it was impossible for people in the West and the rest of the world to know that unless they went there and saw these Nihon babes for themselves. Now though I am happy to say, there is a website that has got Japanese Emo twinks for the whole world to see. That website is Japanboyz. Here are some sample photos of two of their shoots plus a video clip as well. As you can see, the Japanese Emo guys are really skinny and really lean which is the way a lot of us like them. Plus they got a great sense of fashion when it comes to their wardrobe. Looking snazzy is a large part of the Japanese culture. Most of all, these guys like to jack off and suck and fuck each other. So check out Japanboyz for all of your Japanophile desires.

Links: Japanboyz.com

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