Alex Jordan & Jessie Montgomery Swap Selfies and Spit

Helix BannerAlex Jordan & Jessie Montgomery swap selfies at Helix Studios

Selfies are all the rage now and Helix babes Alex Jordan and Jessie Montgomery want to get in on this craze and get down and dirty with each other. Thus our two porn stars take selfies of their naked bodies and hard cocks and send them to each other. Once seen, they decide to take it to a different level and have the film crew at Helix Studios take pictures and videotape their torrid fornication with each other. Ass and cock are the main dishes here. For dessert, check out more of Helix porn stars and their movies. It is a scrumptious masturbation feast.

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Another Holy Butt Trinity with Brad Fitt, Darryl Declan & Sven Laarson

Sven Laarson double penetrated bannerNaughty threesome in the Staxus movie Priest Absolution - The Final Fuck

Good things cum in 3’s and hot gay porn is no exception as Staxus gives us a hot gay porn threesome with Brad Fitt, Darryl Declan & Sven Laarson in the Staxus movie “Priest Absolution – The Final Fuck.” We have got the double penetrated ass of Sven Laarson on the floor riding Darryl’s and Brad’s hard cocks as the pivotal moment in their scenes. From there the plot moves forward to a stunning cum dump ending. If you want to jack your way off from start to finish through “Priest Absolution – The Final Fuck”, get your fist pumping today on your pole and your mouse to eternal bliss. Purchase the “Priest Absolution” DVD pack if you want even more religious-themed hardcore gay porn.

PRIEST ABSOLUTION PACK Priest Absolution - The Final Fuck movie cover Sven Laarson double penetrated banner

Adrian Smallwood, Sven Laarson &Will Sims – The Holy Butt Trinity

A banging threesome at bannerAdrian Smallwood, Sven Laarson & Will Sims at

Adrian Smallwood, Sven Laarson & Will Sims are banging each other in the religious themed Gay Porn Movie “Priest Absolution.” Get your own private confessional session going on with it today while watching Adrian, Sven & Will cum all over their robes. Want to rub the anal beads some more? Then get the Priest Absolution DVD pack while supplies last.

PRIEST ABSOLUTION PACK Priest Absolution Movie CoversA banging threesome at banner

A good old fashioned Emo twink gang bang with Ivan, Kai & Lewis

Emo twink gangbang Staxus bannerGang bang with Ivan Thundero & Kai Alexander & Lewis Taylor at

I love gang bangs. I also love Emo twinks. This blog originally started off as an Emo twink blog but it has grown to be this bloated affiliate movie advertisement, but in the Staxus movie “Twink Republic” I am able to get back to my roots so to speak with a gang bang that is made up of all Emo twinks – Ivan Thundero, Kai Alexander & Lewis Taylor. You know what that means don’t you? Do I have to spell it out to you? Alright I will do just that – BLOWJOB TRAINS, TWO COCKS in the MOUTH, SPIT-ROASTING, and lots and lots of CUM! But besides that what else does the movie “Twink Republic” offer us? The return of Emo twink Ivan Thundero with red hair. 8 pornstars in “Twink Republic” and 6 of them are Emo twinks. This is the Staxus movie for Emo twink lovers and even better is the “Super Value” DVD pack which while stocks last teams up “Twink Republic” with the Staxus movie “Stretched.” Both of which have Emo twinks, twinks and studs getting their holes stretched and their cocks sucked and fucked, and that leaves me covered in gobs of my own cum. Cover yourself with your jizz today!

   Super Value DVD PackTwink Republic Movie CoversEmo twink gangbang Staxus banner

Connor Levi, Oscar Roberts & Rhys Casey play sexual twister

Emo twinks Connor Levi, Oscar Roberts & Rhys Casey in a hot threesome bannerConnor Levi, Oscar Roberts & Rhys Casey in a hot threesome

There is nowhere to run or hide this weekend for us as Staxus gives not one, not two, but three Emo twinks in a hot threesome in the movie “Bareback Boarders Part 3” and those three Emo twinks are Connor Levi, Oscar Roberts & Rhys Casey. Both Connor and Rhys are sporting shaved dark hair in the back with blonde Emo bangs in the front. Definitely a look I plan to be sporting soon. But that is not important right now. What is important is that these hotties get it on. This scene serves up plenty of cocks in hungry mouths with testicles smacking into fucked asses along with spit roasting & double penetration. Why would anyone want to hide from that? I certainly don’t and I won’t when I watch this & more cum-filled acts with my lovers at the club tonight. Get the word out to your friends and family because this movie is hot.

Bareback Boarders Part 3 Movie CoverEmo twinks Connor Levi, Oscar Roberts & Rhys Casey in a hot threesome banner

Emo twink Scotty Clarke lets it all hang out

Scotty Clarke Helix BannerEmo twink Scotty Clarke masturbates at Helix

Pornsite/Studio: Helix

Genre of Emo twink porn: Solo Mastubation

Actors: Scotty Clarke


Do you know how many cumloads I have dumped this year so far? 1008 and I am now going for 1009 on this hot photo shoot that Emo twink Scotty Clarke did for Helix Studios. It was his first one and let me tell you it was a dandy. Just look at the pictures for yourself. What you have is a strapping young man who is in his sexual prime and what a penis. That is a penis for all to behold and respect. A penis to be feared and to be loved. A penis that is meant to drill Emo twink ass. And speaking of ass, his is just perfect. As you can see Scotty started off in a prep school outfit before disrobing which makes me wonder if he joined the Helix Academy series at Helix Studios. Damn, I hope so because watching him spill his seed plants lust deep within me. If you don’t know what the Helix Academy is then check out the DVD of it. And if you want to see more Scotty Clarke, he can be found at Helix Studios.


Helix Academy Movie CoverHelix Academy movie back cover

Helix Academy movie on DVD

 Helix Academy Banner

The boys on the prowl are on the prowl again

Boys on the Prowl_mark loyd_justin baber_mark henley_bannerA hot gay threesome in a car on Boys on the

Pornsite/Studio: Boys on the Prowl

Genre of Emo twink porn: British 

Actors: Mark Lloyd, Justin Baber & Mark Henley


Our pornsite of the week of August 19th to the 26th – “Boys on the Prowl” has got another driving tale of cock and balls on the expressway for our perusement. They gather another hot threesome together as Emo twink Mark Henley is lured into the love van for sodomy and lane changes with twinks Mark Lloyd & Justin Baber (I know, another great porn name as an obvious nod to Justin Bieber.) Henley joyfully goes along with the guys in their lust for cock and soon the party is in full overdrive as the guys fuck and suck each other silly. Henley keeps sucking dick long after he has cum from a bitching handjob. This truly is a moving violation and I need to pull over and rub one out right fucking now! Want to put a stop to shooting blanks and get back to fucking ass and taking names? Then check out Boys on the Prowl today.


Emo twink Jacob Daniels gets his cock trapped on Boynapped

 Boynapped_Jacob Daniels_bannerEmo twink Jacob Daniels gets his cock trapped on Boynapped

Pornsite/Studio: Boynapped

Genre of Emo twink porn: S & M 

Actors: Jacob Daniels & Sebastian Kane


Sebastian Kane is hunting for Emo twink cock and he found some when he found Emo twink Jacob Daniels. Sebastian ties Jacob up in a harness. He then puts Jacob’s cock into a cock trap so that Jacob can’t get hard. That’s definitely cruel and unusual punishment. Sebastian then fingers and spreads Jacob’s ass in between working a giant dildo in there. Once Sebastian has had his fun with Jacob’s anus, he removes the cock trap and jacks Jacob off while squeezing his balls. That’s a tender trap if you ask me. But don’t just take my word for it. Go judge for yourself at Boynapped.