Emo twink Carl Baxter is part of a four man team

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Emo twink Carl Baxter in a four man orgy

Pornsite/Studio: Sweet And Raw

Genre of Emo twink porn: Groupsex/Orgy 

Actors: Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks & Carl Baxter


I awake on the sidewalk naked and covered in dried puke and cum with my Android phone in my hand and a busted lip. How did I get here? Then it comes back to me. The night’s coke binge alcohol fueled ecstasy trip started innocently enough at work. I had just started looking at the latest porn shoot on Sweet And Raw which is this amazing four guy orgy with Emo twink Carl Baxter being one of the studs involved. I remember getting hard while watching it in the bathroom. I had started masturbating to it and I recall doing some lines of coke as well to heighten my self-pleasuring. I also remember there was a lot of cock being sucked in the Sweet And Raw video. After that, things get a little bit fuzzy. At some point I had left work and had ended up at the gay dance club and I was drinking like a madman and decided to pop a couple pills of ecstasy to heighten the ass fucking on the video. I remember legs being spread wide open so the assholes could let the cocks in easily. I distinctly remember the ecstasy kicking in and me taking off all my clothes and fingering my asshole and jerking my cock. Then I think a bouncer grabbed me and was throwing me out and I think I smeared my jizz in his face and then him hitting me and then I woke up here. Damn I need to watch that orgy again.

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