That is how I want to remember them

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Pornsite/Studio: Bare Twinks

Genre of Emo twink porn: American/Outdoors 

Actors: Billy London & Jason Valencia


If I try hard and close my eyes this morning at work I can still see them. Emo twinks Billy London & Jason Valencia all dressed up in their boyscout uniforms and looking oh so cute. Having fun in the sun in the great outdoors is the name of the game for these two on the latest and greatest porn shoot from Bare Twinks. Billy & Jason pitched camp in a remote location and then ditched their clothes so they could bump and grind. They rolled around in the dirt, kissing and caressing each other. The warm embrace of their mouths upon each others cocks & the fervent fucking up against the trees and the rocks brought them in touch with nature. Breathless with laughter they came all over each others asses; that is how I want to remember them always.

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Emo twink and surfer twink fucking

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Here at Gay-Emo-Gay, we usually only show Emo twinks fucking each other. But today we get to mix things up a little bit with a fantastic looking picture shoot from of Emo twink Kevy

Emo twink kevy_codine

and surfer twink Jeremy

Surfer twink jeremy_sanders

(They are adorable together)

Emo Twink Kevy and Jeremy ready to fuck

fucking each other.

The contrast between the two is striking, yet the similarities are striking as well. They look like they hang out with completely different posses. But both are slim and trim which is the way we like our twinks. The thing that stands out the most is how incredibly cute they both are. Absolute sex angels to guide us to a heaven of pleasure.

You can tell that they feel the same way about getting the chance to fuck each others brains out. Their faces are filled with lust and pleasure as they gently fuck and suck each other into anal bliss. This is typical of the high quality twink porn they have at If you don’t believe me, go check out their site and see for yourself.

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