Emo twinks Dima Cerny & Piotr Wolkow share Andrej Romanov

 SweetAndRaw BannerEmo twinks Dima Cerny & Piotr Wolkow share Andrej Romanov in a hot gay threeway

Pornsite/Studio: Sweet And Raw 

Genre of Emo twink porn: Russian/Three-way 

Actors: Dima Cerny, Piotr Wolkow & Andrej Romanov


So one day Russian Emo twinks Dima Cerny & Piotr Wolkow were bored. It was early spring and still Moscow was covered in lousy cold weather. “What can we do?” they thought aloud. Then our Emo twinks had an epiphany. They decided to call up their twink buddy Andrej Romanov and ask him if he would like to share the cost of a hotel room and have an orgy. Andrej being the horny guy he is, of course immediately said yes. So our three twinks checked into the room and wasted no time getting busy with each other. They made out and stripped their clothes off effortlessly. Once their duds had been removed, a ball licking rim job ensued. Every action has a reaction and the reaction to the tongue in the ass and on the testicles was a hard cock in the ass. The reaction to this will no doubt be cum sprayed everywhere and the reaction that will provoke in you should be phenomenal.

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