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The other day one of my jock friends said to me “you know, for an Emo twink you don’t look half bad.” I said to him “what is that supposed to mean?” He said that he had always thought of Emo twinks as being too skinny and gothy and short to be attractive. I said to him “well you just don’t know Emo twinks then! Take this tall, lean & lanky Emo twink stud Evan Hayes. He’s got looks, charm, personality, a tight ass, and a long cock with an exquisite set of balls swinging from it, which he shoots giant loads out of them!” My friend then exclaimed “damn, I never knew Emo twinks could be so hot. Where can I find more of Evan and others like him? I told him the same thing I am going to tell you; you will find them at Squirtz.com.

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We all know that look. The look of love and the look of desire. These two emo twinks have that in spades.

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They are so cute together. They are both awesome looking twinks and they know it. Because of that, it does not take long for them to get busy with each other.

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They want to do it in the shower and so that is where the real fireworks begin. They can’t keep their mouths off of each other. First the tongues.

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Then the asses.

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Look at that puckered asshole. All lubed up with spit. It is a thing of beauty and it is waiting to be filled with a hard wet cock.

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Now we are talking.

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