The number one most important thing

Staxus raw-loving-twinks-bannerEmo twinks Alexander Syden & Ethan White sucking and fucking on Staxus

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: European

Actors: Alexander Syden & Ethan White


What’s the number one most important thing in your life today? That’s right. It’s Emo twinks. And so knowing that, how can we get more Emo twinks in our lives? Well a good place to start is Staxus, specifically their movie “Fantasy Football.” It’s a hot and nasty romp through the world of soccer with some of the best Emo twinks in the business playing with each other. You got Alexander Syden, Zac Todd, Milan Sharp, Kamyk Walker, Ethan White & Alex Candy in it. That’s six Emo twink cocks right there which translates to gallons of sperm ready to be shot everywhere. Check out this scene from the movie with Alexander Syden & Ethan White getting it on in the shower. Blowjobs and fucking ensue with these two, and what’s great is that you got four places to go see it all.

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Staxus Movie Fantasy Football Front CoverStaxus Movie Fantasy Football Back Cover

Staxus raw-loving-twinks-banner

Emo twink Jessie Jenkins is now Zac Todd in this hot threesome

Staxus double-dicked-raw fuck-bannerEmo twinks Alexander Syden, Milan Sharp, & Zac Todd in a hot threesome

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: Threesome/Clean-cut/European 

Actors: Alexander Syden, Milan Sharp, Zac Todd


So remember Emo twink Jessie Jenkins? He has appeared several times before on Gay-Emo-Gay and now he is back, but with a different name – Zac Todd. Seems to be a trend here. Emo twinks changing their names. Maybe they have to do it because of contractual reasons and restrictions between the different porn companies. Whatever the reason, Jessie is now on Staxus and having fun in a hot threesome with Emo twink Milan Sharp & Alexander Syden. Three Emo twinks have sex with each other at the same time is totally hot which is another reason I love Staxus and their productions. They have lots of amazing group sex shoots with the hottest Emo twinks laying on top of each other and grunting out their desires. This shoot here is no exception to that rule as Milan & Zac use Alexander as their fuck toy. Sharing his mouth and ass and filling it with cum and love is the name of the game here. I can tell you this I would be in seventh heaven using sexy Alexander as a love doll with another Emo twink. Better yet would be being Alexander as his face and ass are stuffed with cock non-stop throughout this video clip. The best of all though is watching them cum all over Alexander at Staxus.


Staxus double-dicked-raw fuck-banner

Celebrity Emo twink News – Tim Walker gave Alexander Syden the fist

Fisted Staxus BannerEmo twinks Alexander Syden & Tim Walker fucking & sucking & rimming & fisting

Pornsite/Studio: Staxus

Genre of Emo twink porn: Fisting/Euro 

Actors: Alexander Syden & Tim Walker


Well the tabloids are going to be buzzing about this and Gay-Emo-Gay is no exception. First of all current Gay-Emo-Gay header cover boy Alexander Syden has changed his hair color from skunk black to strawberry blond, this month of march has now officially become the month of the blond Emo twinks. Check out his before and after picture:

 Emo twink Alexander Syden strking a sexy poseEmo twink Alexander Syden

          Before                              After

But really set tongues a wagging is the fisting he received from blond bombshell Tim Walker. Alex and Tim started off doing a double cock handjob which then progressed to a sultry 69 cock and rim job with Alex licking Tim’s wonderful pink starburst with his studded tongue. The penultimate moment came when Tim dug his fist in deep into Alex’s ass. Oh my! What came next? I did

Links: or for direct download as part of the Staxus production entitled “More” which is also available on DVD.

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