After Lights Out is when these guys have fun

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We have seen these prep school themed porn movies before from Staxus and Helix, now Staxus ups the ante in this genre of gay porn with their movie “After Lights Out.” It is not so much the theme that matters in this movie, it is the all star cast put together for it – Tom Nutt, Aaron Aurora, Oscar Roberts, Orlando White, Kurt Maddox, Jaxon Rodac, David Hanson, Lucius York & Louis Blakeson – that’s nine hot twinks dressed in school uniforms and doing naughty things in and mostly out of these garments. To put it bluntly, they are having sex. Hence the fact that this is a gay porn movie. That is what we came here for correct? And why we cum again and again for more right? I think you know the answer to that. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to turn down the lights and get down to business.

Scene 1: Kurt Maddox & Lucius York open up this movie with an ass opening sex scene. They start off slow with Lucius giving Kurt a great blowjob, but then they heat things up really fast when they get to the ass and cock 69 with Kurt giving Lucius head while Lucius takes deep licks of Kurt’s asshole. Then Lucius lowers himself down on Kurt’s cock and fucks reverse cowboy style. Kurt takes that to another level when he contorts himself to a position where he is able to blow Lucius while Lucius rides his cock. Fuck, I just emptied a whole testicle when that happened.

Scene 2: Threesome between Tom Nutt, Louis Blakeson & Jaxon Rodac. A blowjob train starts things off with Jaxon being the conductor. Lucky bastard. He gets even more lucky when he ends up getting spit-roasted between Tom and Louis. And again even more lucky as Tom attempts to suck him off while he rides Louis’s ass. Then Jaxon gets spit-roasted again. Did this guy win the cock lottery or something? At least we all walk away winners from this with cum splurting out of dicks as our winnings.

Scene 3: Believe me, this scene with have the cum flowing out of your penis very quickly. Why? Because it is a foursome that’s why. David Hanson, Aaron Aurora, Oscar Roberts & Kurt Maddox get the party started with two blowjobs at the same time. Your eyes will flit back and forth between the simultaneous fellatio. Next comes (you guessed it) simultaneous-fucking. My mother warned me about this. Thank the heavens it is finally here. Our guys then get a four person fuck train going. All of this thrusting and grunting is going to end well for them and for of us.

Scene 4: Jaxon Rodac & Oscar Roberts steam up a shower scene treasure for us. Naked, wet and moaning in lust for each other, they kiss and fondle each other in a hot, moist foreplay. It is almost wicked how Oscar deep throats Jaxon’s cock right down to the balls, but downright tender how he embraces Jaxon as he rides his meat monster. Oscar pumps his ass fast as while kissing and fucking Jaxon. Jaxon then stands Oscar up and plunges his cock into Oscar’s ass while giving Oscar a good reach around. Fuck that ass good baby as I fuck my greased hand.

Scene 5: Jaxon Rodac & Orlando White have the doors shut and locked and their pants down, specifically Jaxon’s sweet mouth all over Orlando’s large penile unit. Orlando patiently disrobes as Jaxon works his shaft. But his patience quickly comes to an end as he decides to take Jaxon right there in the doorway of the bathroom. With a toss of a bath towel over the edge of the bathtub, Jaxon grinds his ass upon Orlando’s stiff cock, jacking off and bouncing up and down with unbridled joy. At least it will be easy to clean up their after-sex mess in this room, hehe.

Bonus Scene: Jaxon Radoc & Louis Blakeson sucking cock and fucking ass on their dorm room desk. This is not your grandpa’s homework, that’s for sure.

These twinks Super Size the 8 out of me

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Any well-versed Staxus fan knows about their Super-Size me series of movies. They have made 10 of them and today we will talk about number 8 in the series. Why eight? Because it rhymes with fate and fated to watch this is what I think you will be once you watch these hot clips from it. Obviously the title says it all. This movie is about hot twinks, black and white with big dicks fucking each other. Pretty simple and straightforward which is why this movie series is so damn popular. Not many other porn movie series can boast 10 movies, so you know this shit must be cumworthy. Devon Le Bron, Alexandro Marbena, Jace Reed, Dick Casey, Will Sims, Jaxon Radoc, Jason Mike & Chris Hollander are the 8 twinks they have here in Super-Size 8 which means everything is perfectly aligned for your orgasmic pleasure.

Scene 1: Alexandro Marbena & Chris Hollander open up this movie and their asses to each other to make the perfect creamy human Oreo cookie. Chris works over Alexandro’s cock with his mouth and his hands with one of the most sexy blowjobs I have ever jerked off to. Ball licking and shaft choking, up and down Chris goes, damn, as far as I am concerned that white boy can suck me off anytime. Alexandro returns the love with anal love of his own as his tongue flicks in and out of Chris’s tight bunghole. His necklace draped on Chris’s ass is a great touch. Balls deep in Chris’s ass is where Alexandro ends up next which is saying a lot since he is hung like a horse. Giddy-up baby! Because Chris will be shaking his ass in quivering delight as Alexandro shoots his load deep inside of him.

Scene 2: Jace Reed & Dick Casey would probably fuck each other all night long if they could with all the enthusiasm they show for each others genitals in this blistering scene. Fellatio and rimming are all just for foreplay for Jace & Dick as they can’t wait to get their cocks into each others butts. The only problem is that these guys are so big they are having a hard time penetrating each other. Hurts so good baby!

Scene 3: Jaxon Radoc & Will Sims get down with a slightly more milano human suck and fuck cookie. Jaxon slobbers up and down and all over Will’s stiff love pole while Will grabs and fondles Jaxon’s tight plump behind. Will then helps Jaxon face fuck his cock by pushing Jaxon’s head down on his little head. Our two studs then grab and tongue each others rectums in a hot anal 69. Will and Jaxon sweep each other off of their feet next and make sweet backdoor love to each other and take it to the limits of pleasure before popping in jizzy delight. Is your hand covered in creamy goo yet?

Scene 4: Is it all going too fast for you? Then slow it down with Jason Mike and Devon Le Bron who end this porn in spectacular fashion. So limitless and free are these two babes with each other that my cock gets hard just talking about them. Jason licks the tip of Devon’s incredibly long shaft like a scrumptious cone of ice cream. Jason bends his legs behind his head and jacks himself off with intense pleasure as Devon snakes his tongue in and out of his ass. Jason rides Devon’s black mamba with unabashed pleasure and then gets back down on his back with his legs back up in the air and asshole wide open for maximum big cock damage dished out by Devon. That is not the only thing dished out as our two studs will be shooting loads all over each other. What an ending, but your pleasure will only just be beginning when you watch Super-Size 8.

Hot twinks are swimming in jizz in the Staxus movie “Swim Meat”

Staxus movie Swim Meat

Alright Staxus fans, it’s summer time which means we have long hot days to contend with. What better way to enjoy them then to take a dip in the pool, the Staxus meat pool that is. Take a break from your busy schedule & cum dive into the flesh of twinks Billy Rubens, Jordan Jacobs, Jaxon Radoc, Darius Ferdynand, Timmy Treasure, Luke Desmond & Alex Silvers as they splash each other with spunk. We got five wet and wild scenes in this swimming themed homoerotic porn.

Scene 1 has Billy Rubens & Jordan Jacobs stroking, sucking, and riding each others cocks in every conceivable fashion possible.

Scene 2 features the irresistible Jaxon Radoc & the studly Darius Ferdynand. Jaxon tenderly sucks Darius’s uncut penis and lovingly rims his beautiful asshole while rubbing his hands up and down Darius’s six pack abs. After that Jaxon fucks Darius in the ass to the point where Darius’s ass is frothing up from the ass juice. The love juice can’t be far behind.

Scene 3 is a threesome which I guess is what makes it scene 3, and who are the lucky three? None other than Alex Silvers, Luke Desmond and Timmy Treasure. I certainly treasure what is going on in this scene. All cocks getting sucked by all mouths and then fucked by all the asses. The spit-roasting of Alex is not to be missed if you are looking to get your rocks off.

Scene 4 is Jaxon Radoc & Billy Rubens has them down on their knees in the shower, soaping each other up and getting each other off with blowjobs and ass fucking. Nothing like a good soap lube to get that tight sphincter ready for the meat stick creampie. Wash that sperm right down the drain once it has finished dribbling out of their hot asses.

Scene 5 is a sultry solo masturbation scene with Billy Rubens. A great way to end a great movie, but the only way to see that is to get your copy of “Swim Meat” today.

Twinks Evan Parker & Alex Jordan are practicing the art of breaking up

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Emo twinks Jaye Elektra & Kurt Maddox geek out all over each other

Jaye Elektra & Kurt Maddox fuck each other

Alright Emo twink and nerd fans, get ready for the ultimate pairing of homoerotic Emo & Geek pairing to ever go on the silver screen. In the Staxus movie “Chic Geek” we get Emo twinks dressed up as nerds slobbering all over each other. Study this scene for instance that features Emo twinks Jaye Elektra & Kurt Maddox stripping off their glasses and fucking each other in the asses. They 69 their way to blissful cum sliminess as they lather each other up in sperm regalia. Stroke it and stoke it is my motto and I think it will be yours as well after you watch them. Get your UK Twink Pack while supplies last for even more butt grinding fun.

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Twinks Felix Webster, Troy Stevenson & Will Sims make me confess to everything

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Get dressed up for your Sunday’s best by stripping off your clothes and lubing up your schlongs to the most un-celibate priest and monks that the Church has ever known. Twinks Felix Webster, Troy Stevenson & Will Sims get together for a cloistered rendezvous of hot pumping ass action where they confess their love of cock and balls to each other and then Hail Mary their way to bursting orgasms of cum and fun. The only sin here is the fact that these guys are not in a hot guys fucking religious calendar. The Staxus movie “Priest Absolution – The Final Fuck” is where this big dicked threesome is going down, get your copy today and start praying that your ejaculation will not be your final one.




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Twinks Chase Hunt & Jeanne D’Arc deliver their loads all over each other

Twinks Chase Hunt & Jeanne D'Arc penetrate each other

If you’ve got a shortcoming – or should that be a hard spot? – for young hot twinks like Jeanne D’arc, then you’re in for a treat. As was Chase Hunt when D’arc connected Twink Republic Airways for a gathering. Actuality is the horny examiner can barely wait to see an extraordinary arrangement a more prominent measure of this luscious brunette, and its very little sooner than he’s stripping without end D’arc’s shirt to research essentially a more prominent measure of the delights inside.

Clearly, Hunt’s a sensible kind of the more female looking youngster and is soon supporting off his substance with general STAXUS vitality; however in conventionality he runs over a comparably energetic accomplice in D’arc, who unmistakably can barely wait to get Hunt’s chubby ramrod down his throat. In the meantime clearly the genuine centerpiece of this gathering is consistently going to be the fuck-test, and whether the would-be specialist can take dick like a man – pardon the joke! Along these lines its with pretty much a sign of stifled criticalness that Hunt finally drives the pretty child up against the gathering work range and pushes his rough, uncut handle significant into D’arc’s covetous minimal stinky sphincter.

Sign a completely wonderful coupling that in the long run sees the two colleagues mounting the table and having intercourse like a couple of wild animals on hotness! It’s doubtlessly little flabbergast, appropriately, that both partners are soon on the last defining moment, with D’arc spreading all over on his own paunch and Hunt completing the execution by spurting the substance of his shaggy ball-sac all around everywhere. As gatherings go, irrefutably one for the record books

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Twinks Darryl Declan & Will Sims are scouting each other for hot love

Darryl Declan & Will Sims are fuck buddies