Connor Levi plays dirty with Boris Orla

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Playing dirty is what all guys want. We want to play around, fuck around, mess around, whatever you like to call it, we like to do it. We want to get laid and we want it as much as possible, whenever and where ever. Now we can have that thanks to Staxus and their movie “Playing Dirty.” In this scene from the movie, we have the big star Connor Levi getting shaved by Boris Orla in a bathtub. Shaving his pubes I guess. What I do know for certain is that once that is over, the real action gets underway. Connor sucks Boris’s cock and carefully sucks off his balls as well in the 69 position, placing them in his mouth with great care and love. While Connor is drooling all over Boris’s hard shaft, Boris sets to work on Connor’s ass and rod while Connor continues his oral assault. Then came the fucking with Connor side riding Boris segueing into the classic missionary position, and soon the jizz was flying in the air and the moans and cries of lust and desire filled the ears. You can hear them right? That would make for a great alarm clock. I certainly will be watching their scene again in the morning when I wake up. Got to start off my day right with a good spank the monkey session of hot gay fantasies. If you are hungry for the breakfast of champions, then come feast on “Playing Dirty” today. By the way, check out the abs on Boris. Rock hard, just like my dick.

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Will Sims gives newcomer Peter Nover some new cum

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The Staxus movie “Stretched” is about stretching the boundaries of anal fun and taking it to a whole new level. Will Sims & Peter Nover are eager to start stretching each other in this smoking hot scene from the movie. What is really great is that Peter is a Staxus newbie and he went balls out for his first film for them and that is a veteran move for a rookie. He also has veteran moves when it comes to cocksucking, ball-licking and hand-jobbing Will and himself while he fills his mouth with Will’s penis. His oral hijinks don’t stop there as he rims Will’s tight hole and then fills it with his dick with pumping pleasure. Will then has his turn at giving instead of receiving and fists Peter’s ass while he sucks his cock. Then Peter plays top with a reverse cowboy and rides Will’s hard-on with everything he has until both him and Will pop their loads everywhere on everything. I am looking forward to cumming over Peter for years to come but in the meantime, I will watch the rest of this scene in “Stretched.” And if you act now, you can get both “Stretched” and ”Twink Republic” in a super value DVD pack while supplies last. Jerking off has never been easier.

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Deacon Hunter interview and solo scene has me smiling

Deacon Hunter jacks off for Blake

Blake Mason is the premier site for dishy British guys and they have provided us an interview and a solo scene with sexy Deacon Hunter. The man with the golden mohawk and charming good looks is asked the following questions:

  • Where are you from?

And then the rest of it is unintelligible to me as it is given in a cockney accent which is practically Greek to me. But the interview is not really that important as we want to see Deacon in action and once the interview comes to an end, his clothes come off. He twirls around and shows us his juicy ass. He then sits down on the leather couch and gets to work wanking on his cock. He covers it in oil and yanks it with a regular and an overhanded grip. C’mon Deacon, give us a smile at least while you do it! Oh well, as long as we cum it does not really matter if he is smiling or not. But one thing is for sure and that is if you want to see Deacon dump his jizz load all over that leather couch, then you will have to go to Blake Mason to see the rest of his scene, and while you are at it, check out the excellent Blake Mason collection on DVD.

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Adrian Smallwood & Sig Sinclair give me my ohhh face

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Ready to get your ohhh face on? Then have a gander at Adrian Smallwood & Sig Sinclair in the Staxus movie “Twink Massage Dreams.” Sig plays a soccer player in need of a good rubdown and Adrian decides to give that and more as he gives Sig a naked cock massage. This gets Sig re-energized and so he dives down to his knees and gives Adrian a groovy blowjob. Adrian gets Sig back on the table and returns the favor with a spirited blowjob and rimjob of his own. They fuck and suck and blow their wads all over each other. Just make sure you are not doing your ohhh face on while watching this at work, otherwise your boss might make your life a living hell and we don’t want that. So download the whole movie instead to your mobile device and watch somewhere a little more private like in your car or anywhere else the mood strikes you. And if you act now while stocks are still in supply you can get the amazing twink DVD pack with “Twink Massage Dreams” & “Twink Extreme.” You will not be lacking in the whacking material any time soon if you get that, meaning your ohhh face might just become permanent.

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Michael Lucas and Jake Andrews bring Raw Love to Gay-Emo-Gay

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Gay-Emo-Gay is happy to advertise a new line of movies that I personally love to watch and jack off to. They are from the award winning famous studio Lucas Entertainment and they are guaranteed to make you hard and cum. In this sweaty scene from their new movie “Chris Crocker’s Raw Love” we have the stud man himself Michael Lucas fornicating with babe Jake Andrews. Michael seduces Jake with french kissing, cock sucking, rimming and feet licking. Then Michael fucks Jake in every position that a top can do to an eager bottom including a bumper car. Once he cums into Jake’s ass and Jake finishes himself off while masturbating, Michael licks Jake’s jizz off of his six pack abs. Pure poetry in carnal motion. Ten hot pornstars are in “Chris Crocker’s Raw Love” including glorious newcomer Chris Crocker. Perfection can be found at Lucas Entertainment on DVD or Download, get your copy today.

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Orlando White & Matt Johnson cause and effect me to climax in the workplace

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Cause and effect. What happens when you get two hot guys together for a steamy sex scene? Clothes come off and dicks harden. That will be the cause of my dick hardening and my clothes coming off at work today. The boss went on lunch break and so I will take advantage of that fact by getting on my computer and watching the Staxus movie “Stretched.” The scene I will watch this afternoon is the sultry, sweaty one with Orlando White & Matt Johnson. Matt sucks Orlando off and gives him a nice handjob when not sucking dick. Soon he is beating both his and Orlando’s meat with loving grips. Matt then lays back on the couch and puts his legs up in the air and jerks off while Orlando licks and rims his ass. Matt then guides Orlando’s cock into his asshole and Orlando fucks him in every different position that they can come up with. Oh yeah, that is enough fornication for me to get off on but I am out on the main floor at work. I got to get to the bathroom to finish what I started and fantasize about their cum shots while sitting on the can. See what kind of cause and effect you get when you watch “Stretched.”

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